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What's That Sound? Available now!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I didn’t give the process of reading much thought until one of my children struggled in school. We explored tutoring, therapies, private, and home school options. I read stacks of books trying to help him. Through this process and from my work in schools I learned a young reader must grasp basic unwritten ideas in order to put everything together. What’s That Sound? puts all of those concepts in one place and provides parents with tools and vocabulary a way to practice with their children at home exactly the way they practice beginning skills at school.

What's That Sound? provides:

*The letter/sound relationship clearly described

*Letters introduced with the easiest to learn at the beginning

*Alphabetical order with opportunity to track from left to right

*Opportunity on each letter page to blend sounds into words (more on that later)

*Repeated visual of the location of sounds in the beginning, middle, and end of words

*The vowels become actual characters to playfully introduce the concept that some letters have more than one sound

* Consideration of letter sounds in the child's own name because names often don't follow those first sound rules taught

(Years ago, I spent numerous sessions with a young reader who absolutely could not remember the short e, a, and u vowel sounds. One day she pointed to the name tag on her desk. Carefully moving from left to right she sounded out all the letters in her name. Both the “e” and the “a” in her name made the short “u” sound…in two different places! No wonder she was confused! The most important word she could easily read and write didn’t follow the sound rules she had been taught so far! By second grade she had written her name hundreds of times!)

What’s That Sound? is designed to be an interactive book for very young readers to practice letter sounds at their own pace. An added bonus is the visual schedule within the story to give structure to the morning routine. Everything a young student needs to equip them for reading success is provided in one beautiful book! Parents can imitate the method presented to help practice the way the names and sounds will be presented in the school day.


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